Swiss design brand(book)

The communication objective of this publication is to archive swiss design brand. I’ve been thought the term of brand is not only a simple word for a speicific product but also should be used in cultural, social and historical phenomenon. The history of graphic design contains lots of the trend of design and design cultural phenomenon as well as style. I was considering that it could be looking as a brand, so i choose one representitive trend and i was trying to work this project to see the representitive trend as a point of the brand.
This book and poster were made of the point of view in Swiss design. Swiss design is a significant trend as well as a flow and it has been a great influence in histoty of graphic design. It has been thought that until now, this style is able to maintain and has been a great roll in swiss to be a powerful nation in design. So, I was trying to look Swiss design history as a one of brand in their country. Poster was produced with front and back side, and it connects with the cover and inner paper.

graduation project, book [B5(182 x 257 mm)] / 32 pages