‘Prototype’= the beginning of multilingual type design

A work in progress is a project that is not yet finished. Therefore this typeface has not been given the formal name yet so I use the name ‘Prototype.’ The purpose of creating this font is to imitate a Latin font which is based on broad nib calligraphy that I find attractive. I have always wondered what kinds of Korean typefaces match a particular Latin typeface with calligraphic style. A reflection of the attraction and the curiosity of the multilingual font production are the main reasons why I begin designing the font. Prototype’s family consists of several weights (light, regular, bold). In addition, it is expected to include Hangul, Latin and another languages. Prototype has the form of a broad nib pen with a crisp, kinetic personality. Also, this letterform has a razor sharp edge and shows not only straight lines but also curves, which comes across as elegant and refined. Moreover, the construction of Hangul in Prototype is based on ‘Myungjo,’ a Hangul serif typeface. I am convinced that this family will be extended and utilized in various fields such as text, subtitle, display.

(I will modify the uploaded images irregularly) _ 26th of Sept., 2016