Ondol 3

Ondol 3 / A Few Warm Stones 3 (Group project)
The Ondol / A Few Warm Stones project is a collaborative student project focusing on Korean graphic design history, contemporary discourse and experiments in Hangul typography. This version of Ondol / A Few Warm Stones, number three, continues to discuss both Korean graphic design present and past. But some of these conversations also extend beyond some of the traditional bounds of graphic design. Some of these projects examine some of the visual aesthetic landscape of Korea. Some of these projects examine the visual nature of traditional Korean elements, objects and motifs. The objective was to examine or observe some of the existing visual arrangement and configuration of Korea that previously was not documented or researched. From high rise apartments, to traditional Korean stew, to street markets and vendors, some of these projects explore some of the visual components of these places and experiences.
The goal of this project is to provide a place for bi-lingual discourse for Korean graphic design, graphic design history and experiments in Hangul. This is one of only a very few completely bi-lingual graphic design publications on Korean graphic design.

* Director – Chris Ro
* Design – layout&composition&type setting, Front matter, Chapter4(34pages) – with Cynthia Fernandez