Fourth&A Posteriori, An Apropos Format

The first word is ‘fourth’ and this represents the concept of ‘spazialismo’ from artist Lucio Fontana. The meaning of ‘fourth’ here simply implies the fourth dimension. Spatialism sought to challenge the notion of what was two dimensional and three dimensional. It challenged the conventions of the flat plane and surface. It questioned the existence of a fourth dimension. For this poster, i want myself to question the fourth dimension. What would a fourth dimension be like in terms of a poster or poster experience? Could this fourth dimension be captivating for viewers?

A Posteriori
The second word is ‘A Posteriori’, which is a concept that means ‘not existing in the mind prior to or independent of an experience.’ This is a concept from Immanuel Kant and his critique of reason and his thoughts on aesthetics. It simply means that to sense beauty, one must experience it directly. This relates with our course in that most of you have been empirically gathering knowledge on a certain type of form through direct experience. For this poster, I would like to think about the experience of the viewer and the experiences i went through while experimenting with my form. What kind of form experience can i create for a viewer of my poster? How can i capture some of the beauty of my form studies and convey this in a way that others can experience this as well?

Staple alphabet(typeface)
Capital Letter A to Z

One of the my weakness is ‘drawing.’
I focused on how to integrate ‘drawing’ into ‘typography’.
I chose staple as object and drow the staple alphabet typeface only using by hand drawing.

I used it some projects [Fourth. A Posteriori, An Apropos Format].

Final result
posters, A2 (594×420)
banner, 90 X 500 (cm)
Exhibition about ‘Observations in Space, Text and Unstable Media’