Flow_Book & Poster

Design concept
Since 2006 over 120 pieces of printed design ephemera have continuously been collected. This process of collecting and aggregating continues to be a source of flow. The collection of this printed matter is conducive to flow both in the graphic design that is contained within as well as the systematic methodology of which they have been amassed and in this project, organized. This project conceptually and formally utilized this collection of ephemera in the design of a typeface, a poster series and a publication about flow and the design process.

Design objective

Flow is a concept originally coined and conceived by noted psychologist, sociologist and anthropologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This is simply put, a state of mind or emotion where one is in complete concentration and absorption with what they are doing. It is most frequently found to occur in processes within music and the arts. The question for this research project was in what capacity does flow exist within design? Over the course of several months, several experiments were conducted that examined the relationship of flow and graphic design. One of the larger research projects conducted was the construction of a typeface. This typeface was constructed of each of the individual printed ephemera units. The project initially began two dimensionally but later moved into three dimensions. Multiple angles and extrusions of the ephemera were shot, captured and projected in the creation of this typeface. Later this typeface served as the basis for a poster communicating the attributes of the typeface and this project. The last unit of this research took place in the form of a series of publications devoted to flow and the graphic design process. The participating designers all contributed a single chapter and together, the publication forms a candid analysis of flow and each of the participating designers’ own unique project methods.


Flown is based on the latin alphabet. It consists of twenty six letters of the latin alphabet.
Also, it contains capital letters only. I referred to foundry formsans to make it.

typeface(capital letter only, normal, light)

Indivisual Poster about Flow (A1-594x841mm)
Book Promotion poster (A0-841x1189mm)
Book set (150x210mm, 8 books)