34 (33 project book)

“34” is a publication documenting, archiving and narrating a series of typographic posters constructed for the CCCXXXIII gallery based in Seoul, South Korea. This publication documents what at this time was a retrospective on the work of El Lissitzky. This project also contains two design essays by Leo Lionni and Peter Bilak as well as documentation of a concurrent poster exhibition taking place in Seoul. The book consists of six chapters using three colors and three languages, Korean, English, Spanish.
The communication objective of this publication is to document and archive the efforts taking place within the creation of a total of thirty-three posters for this exhibition. The project was based on a theory from Edward DeBono that through lateral processes and repetitive exploration, more interesting results can be found within design. It is this objective that guided the process of this design as well as the end output.

300×220 (mm), 88 p, Singer sewn binding book